Premises Liability Lawyers

Property owners are legally responsible for keeping their premises safe for visitors. When they fail to meet their obligations, people can suffer serious and life-threatening injuries.

If you or a loved one was injured in a slip-and-fall accident or any situation resulting from a dangerous premises, the attorneys at Van Ness Law are here to stand up for your rights. We have significant experience handling premises liability claims for clients in Mayfield Heights, throughout the Cleveland area and across Ohio.

Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Common causes of slip-and-fall accidents include:

  • Unnatural accumulations of snow and ice on walkways
  • Spills in retail stores
  • Cracks and potholes
  • Tears in carpets
  • Uneven footing
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Faulty staircases and railings

In a slip-and-fall accident claim, the insurance company will likely argue that the accident was not the property owner's fault, and likely place the blame on you. Our attorneys are experienced in handling this type of claim and know how to counter such tactics.

We aggressively pursue the facts to prove liability and to help our clients obtain the compensation they deserve for medical bills, wage loss, pain and suffering, and other hardships.

Handling All Types Of Premises Liability Claims

Our lawyers handle all types of premises liability claims, including slip-and-fall, trip-and-fall, negligent security and dog bite cases.

If you have been injured due to a property owner's negligence, don't hesitate to contact us online or by telephone at 800-648-1206 to arrange a free initial telephone consultation.