Stopping Creditors By Filing For Bankruptcy

If you are drowning in debt, you have likely heard from your creditors — at all hours of the day. Harassing phone calls and letters, threats of foreclosure, repossession, eviction and wage garnishment — creditor harassment can make life miserable, but there is a proven way of stopping it: by filing for bankruptcy.

At Van Ness Law, our attorneys are here to help you solve your debt problems and get creditors off your back. We provide strong debt relief representation to clients in Mayfield Heights and throughout the Cleveland metropolitan area.

How Does Bankruptcy Stop Creditors?

Filing for bankruptcy triggers a powerful legal injunction called the automatic stay. The automatic stay immediately makes it illegal for your creditors to take any further collection action against you. They may not even contact you, and must funnel all of their communications through your bankruptcy lawyer once you have retained Van Ness Law.

Filing for bankruptcy:

  • Stops home foreclosure
  • Stops wage garnishment
  • Stops bank account levies
  • Stops vehicle repossession
  • Stops most evictions

If you are struggling with debt problems and would like to learn how bankruptcy can help you, our attorneys are here to help you explore your legal options. Bankruptcy is not right for everyone, but for many, it has proven a very effective means of stopping creditors and permanently solving debt problems.

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