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Bankruptcy is a legal process that can help you get a fresh start. When you are drowning in debt, filing for bankruptcy may be your best option to help yourself and your family. At Van Ness Law, we are committed to helping you navigate the bankruptcy process and obtain the fresh start you deserve.

Our bankruptcy attorney in Cuyahoga County has years of experience helping clients just like you to obtain the fresh start they need. If you are drowning in debt and are considering bankruptcy, we can help you understand your options and make the best decisions for you and your family.

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Who Can File for Bankruptcy?

In order to file for bankruptcy, you must first pass a means test. This test will determine whether you have the income to pay back your debt. If you do not, you will be eligible to file for one of the chapters of bankruptcy that do not require repayment.

If you pass the means test, you may be able to file for Chapter 7. If you do not pass the means test, you may be able to file for Chapter 13.

How Do You Calculate the Means Test?

The means test is calculated by taking the median income for your family size and then subtracting the median income for your family size in your county. If your income is lower than this number, you pass the means test. If it is higher, you will have to pay back your debt.

The means test can be complicated, and it is important to have an experienced means test attorney on your side. At Van Ness Law, our Cuyahoga County attorneys have helped many clients with the means test and are ready to help you as well.

What Should I Bring to My Free Consultation?

Before you meet with our Mayfield Heights means test lawyers, you should gather the following documents:

  • Your tax returns from the last two years
  • Pay stubs from the last 60 days
  • A copy of your credit report
  • A list of your debts, including the name of the creditor, the type of debt, and the current balance

This information will help us better understand your current financial situation and determine whether you are eligible for bankruptcy.

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In the complex world of bankruptcy, the Means Test can be a decisive factor. At Van Ness Law, we understand the intricacies of this assessment and how it influences your path to financial recovery. Our experienced means test attorneys, with years of practice, will diligently guide you through this process. In the end, we will ensure that we help you choose the best possible option for your unique financial situation.

Don't let the Means Test discourage you. It's just one step on your journey to financial stability. Contact us for a free consultation and let us help you pave the way towards a brighter financial future. We're here to make your bankruptcy experience as easy as possible.

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